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Best Course in CA
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Rapid Traffic School


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Rapid Traffic School (CA)

At Rapid Traffic School, we saw the desire for a FAST, high quality, low cost, DMV-approved traffic school course in California. Our aim is to increase your awareness of traffic situations and laws so you can effortlessly make the right decisions behind the wheel. In addition to gaining knowledge and confidence, successfully passing this course will result in the masking of your traffic ticket by the DMV. This means your traffic violation won’t affect your insurance rates thanks to our traffic violator school. A total win-win!

Our expert writers and researchers have compiled the most up to date, required information and packaged it in a swift, easy online traffic school course. All material and instructions are friendly and clear, and the course is made to pause and pick back up on your schedule, at your pace. We provide live support for all your questions and concerns. The open-book exam consists of 25 simple multiple-choice questions, with an option to take a second test if you do not pass with 70% or higher on the first try. Our students have an extremely high pass rate.

There are no hidden fees or catches to what we offer at Rapid Traffic School. The advertised $19.95 fee covers everything you need to get started on our DMV traffic school today. We give you your exam results instantly and file your certification with your specific court and DMV for you as a DMV-licensed traffic violator school. Have your ticket number and court ID ready for the registration process, then breeze through the lessons at a pace that works for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you’ll learn on this course! In fact, you may wonder how you managed to drive without knowing all this information vital to California drivers. Ready to get the show on the road? Just click the button below and sign up for traffic school!


Rapid Traffic School Helpful Topics

Obtaining a California DL

Start here for information on getting your DL through the California DMV.


CDL Qualifications

How to qualify, proof of residency, and how to renew or replace your DL.


CA Driver Exams

What to expect and how to apply for a driver exam with the California DMV.


CA Driver License Classes

We break down DL classes and endorsements, including a standard Class C.


CA Vehicle Insurance

Minimum insurance requirements to drive on California roads.


Citations in California

How traffic citations work and what to do if you receive one.


Points on Your DMV Record

Learn about California’s point system for licensed driver infractions.


Suspended/Revoked License

Revoked or suspended license: the differences and what it means for you.


Reckless Driving Charges

Specifics on two infractions with major, longstanding consequences.


A Collision on Your CA Record

Collision reports and how long collision fault stays reported by the DMV.


CA Auto License Plates

Everything you need to know about obtaining and registering your plates.


Info for CA Motocyclists

Requirements for the safe operation of a motorcycle in California.


Student Experience

Your experience is paramount to our operations at Rapid Traffic School. We take care of our students every step of the way. From answering your initial questions and helping you start the course, to filing your certification with specific courts and local DMVs, we make your life easier, not harder. Learn more about what you can expect when you register in our course

Driver Knowledge

At Rapid Traffic School, we equip you with the knowledge to become a better driver. We break down everything from new California laws to best practices for everything you might find on the road. The knowledge you gain in online traffic school can be a driver’s advantage. Read on to find out what our course can teach you

Safety Tips

Safety is the reason we have traffic laws. Our course exists to increase the safety in our vehicles and on our roads. Looking for resources on how to drive with safety in mind? We’ve compiled advice from our DMV traffic school course that every driver in California can benefit from. Click for driver safety tips you can use today!

Educated Drivers

There are many different ways to further your driving education, and if you’re paying attention on the road, you are likely to learn something new every time you drive. Our aim is to create top-notch educated drivers who keep safety in mind. Who is considered an educated driver, and what are the perks?

Traffic School and Court Information by County

Rules can vary by county, but in general, to qualify for traffic school for a ticket in California:

  • You must hold a valid California driver license.
  • You must not have attended another traffic school within the past 18 months.
  • Your citation must be for a moving violation worth only one point, and cannot involve alcohol or drugs, or a commercial vehicle of any kind.
  • You must be approved by the county court to attend traffic school, and pay your full ticket bail amount, plus a court administration fee of $50-$70. (This fee is paid to the court and is separate from the fee charged for the course itself). This process can vary from court to court, but most will send you a courtesy notice in the mail with details on traffic school eligibility and how to request it.
  • You will have 60-90 days to complete a traffic course once you have been approved and paid the cost of traffic school attendance. Some courts allow extensions.

*Note: not all courts have an online submission process. Not all courts will tell you if you are approved for traffic school. Not all courts near you may have a traffic division, but you may request traffic school with any court in your county that does.