California Takes On Catalytic Converter Thefts In New Laws

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New laws in the state of California are going to take down the business of stealing catalytic converters. Specifically, assembly bill 1740. Many other states in the United States are also responding to the latest trend of thievery. The crack-down is necessary as plenty of people suffer from the theft and the resale of catalytic converters. There’s a need to look at recyclers who buy the catalytic converters from auto dealers when maintaining a record that could keep the seller’s physical business address, and business license identification.

This is a law that has been building up from the existing legislation where there had been requirements for core recyclers to log the information that is necessary for catalytic converters to be bought, in addition to the identification number, as well as the amount paid and the quantity that had been purchased.

There’s a need to keep the community safe versus the increase of the catalytic converter thefts all over the state. There is no particular worry where you see the catalytic converters can be stolen from the driveway or the car being parked upon the street.

What’s particularly interesting is how the Assembly Bill 1740 will confront the purchaser of a catalytic converter being a licensed commercial enterprise while it’s still a little tough for illegal sellers to eradicate the stolen goods. In other worse, watch out for the pink slip on merchandise.

Catalytic Converters Need To Stop Being Stolen.

California is the state where the catalytic converters are way too easily stolen in the most. In a study that had been conducted by State Farm has seen 30% of the parts stolen all throughout the nation as it was taken in the Golden State. Even as a separate legislation, in SB 1087, there’s recyclers that are purchasing the catalytic converters from specified sellers like auto repair dealers for instance.

Auto technicians are also joining in to stop thieves from doing all this stealing by installing anti-theft tools within cars. Such as the CatStrap which has three sliding cables that blades are not able to grip. There’s also a need to make the catalytic converter less expensive. Because if you remove the need to steal, you can therefore stop the thefts from being so rampant.

Certainly, all that California can do at this point is hope that they are loyal residents of the Golden State are able to recognize that there is no need to steal something that other people still need. I mean think about it, how often does it happen that a stolen catalytic converter become someone else’s catalytic converter and then someone else steals that previously stolen catalytic converter? It’s absolute madness and frankly I think that we should all be a little more concerned about then we let on.

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