Distracted Driving Laws: Obey The Road And Stay Off Your Phone

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Whenever you’re distracted by your phone, your music or your items in the car, you never know what can create utter chaos that would show for negative circumstances. But truly, the likelihood is that you may be better off and way safer with keeping yourself focused on the road while free of cognitive, manual or visual distractions. This is all very important to keep in mind in California, as the state itself is very strict on rulebreakers that engage in distracted driving. It’s not the best idea to let yourself be taken by cognitive, manual or visual distractions. As one may or may not be familiar, these distractions are very clearly classified.

Cognitive, which is that of mental distractions, like texting or talking to passengers.

Surely, we have all been guilty of being glued to how we feel versus how the tires peel.

Visual distractions are relative to however you look with your eyes at anything but the road.

Of course, the examples that are evident on the road to indicate this are visual, such as staring at billboards and looking behind you unnecessarily.

Manual equals no usage of the steering wheel with your hands.

This also includes eating and drinking without being aware of being responsible. Additionally, there are closer examples like applying makeup without being ready.

Texting, strangely enough, is one of those examples that are recurring no matter what category of distraction you tend to engage with the most behind the wheel. All the more reason to respect the California Cellphone Laws.

Via California Vehicle Code 23123, it’s actually illegal to use a handheld while driving.

This is to say that you can’t text or call with your phone in your hand. If you have a hands-free system, you’re more than welcome to galivant around with a phone in hand, but not if the conditions aren’t met. Mount placement isn’t worth it if it hinders your vision on the road. Phone usage in itself can be allowed or accepted if it’s swift with the tapping motion. But under the age of 18? Drivers can’t even go hands-free.

Other Distracted Driving Laws? Glad You Asked.

Assembly Bill 1785 states clearly that mobile radio devices and two-way messaging devices are illegal to use as you drive.

You could get caught, in any case, with a penalty of $162 in fines, in addition to a penalty assessment fee. Hence, the campaign slogan of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration being “U Drive, U Text, U Pay.”

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