Drivers in California Advised by AAA on Latest Road Rules

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AAA wants everyone to be aware of the newest driving rules.
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In Southern California, the American Automobile Association has been vigilant to remind various drivers to stay aware of all the latest traffic laws coming through in the year. With many different occasions that occur on the road, there is always a need to stay safe no matter what. So some of the ways that AAA want to make it known that you can stay safe involve, staying away from Street Racers, being vigilant even while using Driver Assistance Systems and keeping account of your parts in areas that have Catalytic Converter Thefts.

So let’s go one by one of these new laws, made official in California in 2023.

Catalytic Converter Thefts

The lawmakers in California have coerced multiple measures in relation to the sale of catalytic converters. Their law that stops any recycler from purchasing or grasping a catalytic converter from beyond what could very well be a verified owner of the vehicle is known as AB 1740. Meanwhile, the SB 1087 stops anyone from buying a catalytic converter from anybody besides the sellers, like a scalper.

Street Racing

Finally, illegal racing on the public streets are being stopped by the way of AB 2000, which expands on parking lot areas to include speed contest crimes.

Driver Assistance Systems

Driving is always going to require a certain amount of skill. And as such, it’s necessary to make sure that you have the greatest automation in place to help you drive safely. Even when you are using automated vehicles. SB 1398 itself states very clearly that it won’t allow dealers or carmakers to feature or describe the functioning of driver-assistance systems in cars that don’t have the functionality.


A new lift on an old ban on class 3 electric bicycles has arisen as it won’t allow the prohibition of electric bikes to be used on paths or trails. This is well documented in AB 1909. However, bicycle lanes are still going to be greatly needed.

Traffic and Pedestrian Stops

In AB 2537, the brand-new conduct enlisting a officer of the law and a driver through a traffic stop may be included in the driver’s education curriculum. The AB 2147 law may in itself stop jaywalking from being a rationale for pedestrians to be stopped, lest there is a crash that can occur.

Obey these rules and pretty soon you’ll see exactly what it is that you need to do to improve your driving techniques.

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