Florida Woman Drunk Drives, Leaving Car as a Beached Whale

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Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous!
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Over Memorial Day weekend, a woman at a Florida beach drove under the influence of alcohol and drove right into the beachy water. The driver had her blood alcohol content checked and her test showed a blood alcohol level almost two times above the legal limit. She narrowly missed fellow beach visitors with her reckless driving.

The woman driving, Sarah Ramsammy, is a resident of Orlando visiting the beach for her holiday weekend. She has been charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence. This occurred on Saturday, May 27th at Smyrna Dunes Park. Ramsammy was driving a Nissan.

She drove the car straight into the water, leaving it on the shore like a beached whale.

Police body camera footage has since been released, in which you can see Ramsammy interacting with the police on the scene. In the video, you can see the influence of alcohol on Ramsammy’s demeanor, as she seems dazed and confused.

There were around twenty other people on the beach at the time, including families with children and pets. They were all interviewed and expressed how the car nearly drove straight into several of them. According to the reports, Ramsammy was driving around fifty miles per hour and specifically nearly hit a child and a dog.

In response to the witness statements, Ramsammy said that fellow beachgoers were the ones who ultimately stopped them. When asked about her near crash into a child she said, “I did not think that we did. But that is what they told us.”

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At our traffic school, you can learn all about the dangers that come with drunk driving, like Ramsammy’s driving. You can also learn about the repercussions that will come from drunk driving. For example, Ramsammy is facing two different criminal charges, a traffic ticket, spent a night in jail, and will forever have a tainted image and permanent record.

Drunk driving will always not only create risk for yourself but also for those around you, such as other drivers on the road, or pedestrians. It will forever change your life and most likely the lives of others as well. Do not be like this driver and let your partying get to you. Stay safe and always drink responsibly.

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