Highway Patrol Asks For Caution When Driving

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Follow the laws laid by the CHP and you can't go wrong.
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Driving in California is now joke. You really have to rely on the law, the warnings and traffic alerts to make sure that you’re navigating the streets and freeways in the safest way. It makes a difference to totally watch out for what type of alerts that are out there on the road so that you can drive your safest and not risk any harm to you or the people around you. Therefore, it’s best recommended that you follow the rules of the California Highway Patrol.

The Highway Patrol of California are taking time to advise you.

Here’s what you need to know in order to drive legally in the beautiful state of California.

The speed limits are in effect if there’s no construction happening.

As no one operates at the time you pass by, the speed limit, as low as it is needs to be obeyed. The speed limit signs are posted in construction zones for more than just the safety of workers. It’s recommended to follow them every time.

Red light laws are important to follow.

When you’re at a red light, it’s supposedly legally to turn right on red, while there’s a sign that doesn’t say otherwise. Technically, you are to have enough knowledge to make sure you stop carefully before the line when there’s a sign that says “you cannot turn right on red.”

What Are The School Bus Traffic Laws?

When there’s a median that splits you and a stopped school bus, would it be illegal to continue through and travel? Yes. It is actually unlawful to do so because you run the risk of hurting the children that might be trying to enter the school bus.

If you can’t carry your driver’s license on you, then where do you put it?

Within arm’s reach is best. Specifically, in the passenger glove compartment.

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