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Follow these driving tips to drive like a pro in Los Angeles!
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At Rapid Traffic School, we know that driving in Los Angeles can be tough. Los Angeles drivers are notoriously aggressive, and the city is always bustling with tourists and, of course, other drivers. If you’re not used to driving in Los Angeles, then without these tips, it can be frustrating, enraging, and even dangerous. So follow these pointers to stay safe on L.A.’s streets!

Our Best Los Angeles Driving Tips

Be ready to wait.

Is traffic in L.A. really that bad? Yes, it is. Not only is L.A. congestion some of the worst in the country, but L.A. is a huge city, making any trip long from the start. When you first start driving in L.A., you’ll quickly realize that it takes a long time to get anywhere. Driving in L.A. is all about patience, and the best way to stay patient is to mentally prepare beforehand to wait. Have a good podcast or audiobook ready, because drives in Los Angeles often include lots of waiting.

Budget time to change lanes.

Los Angeles’ many freeways are often quite large. They may have up to six lanes on each side! Because of this, it’s important to remember where you are on the freeway when you’re coming up on your exit. If you’re in the left lane, you’ll need to prepare well in advance to have time to get over. You don’t want to get trapped on the freeway and have to backtrack!

Keep the road rage down.

Los Angeles has famously aggressive drivers. Drivers here tend to speed a lot and weave in between lanes without using turn signals. While these drivers are annoying and even dangerous, the best way to handle them is to let them be. As much as it may seem like you’re helping keep the roads safe, meeting aggressive drivers with road rage is never a good idea. You can read more on how to avoid road rage in our traffic school preview.

Be careful about parking.

Parking in L.A. is notoriously complicated. There are tons of signs out there, but they can be complicated and even contradictory. Some cities also ban overnight parking without posting signs, which can cause newcomers to get tickets they didn’t know they were in danger of getting. It’s no wonder why so many companies and special events choose to hire a valet service to handle parking for them!

If you’re unsure about parking in an area of L.A., the best thing to do is to stop and read the signs carefully. Or, you can ask someone from the neighborhood if you can park somewhere. Usually, the locals will at least know somewhere nearby where parking is free and available. The LAPD patrols many neighborhoods, making it difficult to avoid a parking ticket. Don’t risk it; avoid a ticket by parking carefully!

Take Traffic School for More Los Angeles Driving Tips!

If you get a ticket in Los Angeles, it’s usually possible to go to traffic school. Traffic school helps take points off of your record, which can lower your insurance premiums and reduce the penalties for future tickets. And even if you don’t get a ticket, your insurance will appreciate your effort and lower your rates! The best place to take traffic school online is Rapid Traffic School. Our easy, informative, and affordable course will get you back to being confident behind the wheel. And as you know, you’ll need that in L.A.!

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