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Relevant Traffic Laws in San Jose California
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To improve the quality of transportation in San Jose, the California DMV adopted new traffic laws. So, unless you like getting unnecessary points on your driving record, make sure to check the new San Jose traffic laws cautiously, taking your notes. Let’s dive in!

Prohibition on using cell phones

23123. According to the new San Jose traffic law, it’s illegal to use wireless cell phones while operating a vehicle. The only exception applies if the cell phone is set up and particularly designed to allow hands-free talking and listening while driving.

23123.5. This section states that no individual in San Jose California can drive a vehicle while using a wireless phone to send, write, or read a text-based message. Exceptions apply only if the driver uses voice-operated and hands-free communication while driving. Means of communication can include text messaging, electronic mail, etc.

Prohibition on using cell phones for individuals under 18

Unlike adults who have permission using a hands-free device for talking and listening while operating a vehicle, people under 18 years can’t. Even if they have hands-free mobile devices or another system for communication, they are still prohibited to use.

Restraint System Requirements for Kids 8 years of Age or Younger

It is illegal to transport children under 8 without a restraint system. Whether you are the parent, legal guardian, or simply a driver, it’s your responsibility to take care of the child’s safety. Make sure to secure kids in a rear seat in a proper restraint system.

Remember to obey traffic laws and drive cautiously. Nonetheless, If you still got a moving violation ticket, wait till you get your courtesy notice from the San Jose County Court. In the notice, you will learn whether you have permission to attend traffic school or not. In case you are good to go, we strongly encourage you to opt for online options such as Rapid Traffic School

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