Should I Take Traffic School Online or In Person?

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Taking traffic school online lets you go at your own pace.
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When a court allows you to take traffic school to get a point off your record, you have two options. You can either take your traffic school course in person or online. Both options can teach you a lot and will help keep your insurance premiums low. But they have significant advantages (and disadvantages) over one another, too. Here’s how to decide whether to take your course online or in person.

In-Person Traffic School Can Teach You a Lot

Most of us are old enough that, by the time the pandemic hit, we were out of school. That means we’re not used to online learning the same way that younger generations are. Therefore, going in person to a traffic violator school will make it easier to focus on the material. You’ll also have the benefit of a live instructor who can walk you through more of the world of driving.

However, it’s not perfect.

In-person traffic school is good for some people, but it has its issues. For one thing, they require you to budget significant time all at once to attend the course. Usually, this means taking up eight hours of your weekend for the course! It also has a harder final exam, as you aren’t able to use the internet (or our course materials) to pass your exam with ease. So going to an in-person class can be more of a risk than you might like.

The Choice is Clear: Online Traffic School is Best

The benefits of staying online are just too great to ignore. With an online course, you’ll get the benefits of a well-written course and easy access to tons of resources. You can go at your own pace, come back to the course as often as you like, and pass the final with ease. While it may be a little bit harder to focus, we’re willing to bet that you can do it.

If you choose Rapid Traffic School, then you’ll have access to far more than you would in person. On our website, we have a thorough list of all sorts of important topics for California drivers that you can look through to learn more about the California DMV system. We have an excellent course that’s written to hold and keep your attention with humor and fun graphics. And if you need live feedback, you can chat with one of our online traffic school professionals! The choice is clear: online traffic school gives you the most benefits and the best experience!

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