Speeding ‘OK’ In California? The DMV Weighs In

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Speeding is not kosher in California, no matter the reason.
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The rules that exist on the road have long been fluctuating as the world at large is totally dependent on making sure that no one ever gets caught speeding, cutting lanes, or heaven forbid, being ticketed for having your lights on. It’s certainly a big worry for today’s climate of California Highway Police. Of course, the truth of the matter shows through in the results of a new study made by the Department of Motor Vehicles, that a lot of their previously strictly enforced rulings have now gained a new life of leniency. Of course, the truth of it all is that the misconceptions that are so commonly spoken about have some wiggle room. Speeding, amongst them, there’s new awareness for what passes and what trashes your driving credibility.

So let’s analyze a recent update made by the state highway police, shall we?

Driving with your dome light inside the car is actually not that illegal. As long as the cabin lights don’t obstruct your vision. As is current, there isn’t a law in California that stops you from driving with the dome light.

Additionally, you cannot change lanes in the midst of an intersection, given that it’s totally not encouraged, by the DMV. The Handbook states that it’s more important to be careful not to drive unpredictably. There’s the weaving and the last-minute lane changes that you absolutely have to be careful not to do. There’s direction changes that can easily increase the risk of collisions. All while there’s a shift in moving through intersections.

Barefoot driving in itself is also supposedly controversial. While there’s no law that bans driving barefoot, it probably is way more comfortable to actually drive with a pair of shoes, given that it may be a little gross to touch the pedals that actually have touched bathroom floors as well.

Here’s a surprising fact for you: it’s actually egregious and illegal to navigate the streets in a car with headphones and earbuds popped in. Drivers and cyclists wouldn’t wear headphones as they operate vehicles. California Vehicle Code 27400 in itself states that no one can drive a vehicle with earphones, a headset and earplugs.

Is it rational to fall asleep? No. Should you pull over on the freeway? Not necessarily. Unless if there’s an emergency, there’s full illegal risks that you’re taking by pulling over on the freeway. My advice? You should actually be happy with pulling over on the streets. Get off the freeway, find an equally sleepy street and park somewhere that’s much safer.

It’s very illegal for drivers to drive with their blinkers illuminated. That’s the sole regulation in the California Vehicle Code that can bring blinker usage to the forefront of importance, as you complete a turn or change lanes, all according to Stockton CHP.

Now, for the fact everyone has been looking for!

According to CVC 22350, no one is able to drive upon a highway at a speed faster than previously known, in regard that there can still be dangerous weather, bad visibility and a horrendous wealth of traffic, combined with the sizing of the highway, while in no event that the safety of property or people could be jeopardized. Hitting the max speed limit is lawful. Exceeding it is playing with fire.

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