At Rapid Traffic School, our online students enjoy a swift and helpful experience from start to finish. We have done extensive research on what students need and want most. For our low, all-inclusive price, we guarantee:

Fast, Easy Registration: Our registration process is easy. Just be ready to provide your name, email, and credit card info to pay for the course. There are NO HIDDEN FEES, EVER.

Safe Handling of Your Information: Security is always one of our top priorities. Your information is safely stored and your identity is not shared with anyone but the necessary court.

Course Simplicity: We created our traffic safety course for easy reading and navigation, with clear visuals to aid your learning and nothing else to distract you from the task (sorry, other traffic school who shall not be named, but your repetitive dad jokes just eat up more time from our busy lives!). You won’t find any confusing, extraneous content or too much legal speak. Just what you need to know, in plain English.

Renewed Driver Confidence: Our course is designed to give you what you need to get back on the road with more confidence and a fresh understanding of traffic safety. At the end of the day, you are here to get the tools you need to avoid further traffic tickets and accidents. We provide those tools.

A Straightforward Exam with a High Pass Rate: Complete the readings and the easy quizzes at the end of each section and the final test should be a breeze. Our exam is made to clearly understand and pass with ease. There are only 25 questions on the final exam. No tricks, just a quick recap of what’s important. Relax, it’s open book, and made to pass on the first try.

Free Filing with Your Court and Local DMV: After you pass the exam and get your instant results comes the fun part: sit back and relax while we send your certification to the court and DMV. You will need to provide us with your ticket number, address, and court ID. We file your results and send you a confirmation as soon as your certification is received. Of course, we are available for follow up questions and concerns too.

Live Technical Support: We are available to answer all your technical questions via live chat or email support. You can also call us at (800)-510-3127.

Feedback Opportunities: Your feedback is important to us, as we continually strive to improve the student experience. Tell us how we’re doing via chat or email, and don’t forget to leave us a review!