Together, Let’s Make California Drivers Better!

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According to a recent study conducted in December 2022 by insurance company, Quote Wizard, California drivers were ranked second worst in the nation. California drivers were only beat out for the first-place position of worst drivers in the United States by Utah drivers. 

Based on the data collected by the Quote Wizard research team, western states typically have worse drivers than eastern states. Accompanying California and Utah from the west coast on the list is Arizona, ranking number 8 in the top 10 worst driving states.

Also on this list is Iowa as third worst, Wisconsin as fourth worst, and Ohio as fifth worst. Rivaling these states are the top-ranking best driving states with Connecticut taking the top spot, Michigan in second, West Virginia in third, Delaware in fourth, and Arkansas in fifth. 

This list is based on 2022 insurance quote data gathered from all 50 states, as well as the number of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations reported in 2022. California ranked highest in number of DUIs, third in accidents, and seventh in speeding tickets. 

While normally we love to see California come out on top, this is one list we don’t want California to rank high on. How can you help prevent California from making the top 10 worst driving states list in 2023? Start by making better driving choices and enroll today in our traffic school! Learn all the ins and outs of safe driving and help California make it to the top 10 BEST driving states in 2023!

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