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Rapid Traffic School: Online Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way Course

Name of Wisconsin DOT Approved Course Provider: Rapid Traffic School

Name of Course: Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way

The customer/student (as named and signed below) agrees, in purchasing and utilizing this Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course, to:
  • Create an account with Rapid Traffic School.
  • Provide credit card information to pay for the course.
  • Pay only the $24.99 fee for:
    1. Unlimited access to the exam and exam retakes if necessary,
    2. Course completion certificate (once exam is completed and passed with at least an 80% grade), and
    3. Free filing of certificate with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DMV), within 48 hours of completion.
The course provider, Rapid Traffic School (as represented by authorized manager name and signature below), agrees, upon receiving complete student fee of $24.99, to:
Provide a 2-hour interactive reading course that complies with all current Wisconsin DOT requirements for a Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course. The course will be provided completely online, in the form of:
  • Written laws and rules, and discussions of those rules.
  • Photo and diagram supplementation for clearer understanding of written content.
  • Review questions, with written explanations for all correct and incorrect answers.
  • Additional sources and links for optional further learning.
The course can be taken at the student’s own pace and their progress will be saved when they log out. A 15-question exam will be provided at the end of the 2-hour course, and may only be completed in one sitting (maximum time allotted: 60 minutes). If the student passes with 80% or higher, Rapid Traffic School will issue them a Completion Certificate and file their course completion with the Wisconsin DMV. If the student does not pass, they will be allowed one exam retake, with different questions. If the student fails a third time, they will be redirected to take the course again, free of charge. A completion certificate will not be issued or filed with the DMV until the student has passed the final exam.

Rapid Traffic School can be contacted at any time via for technical issues and general questions. Live chat will be available during regular business hours:
08:30 am- 07:00 pm CST
Monday – Sunday (Including holidays)

After 7pm, email support will be available, and all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

*Note Regarding Refunds: Rapid Traffic School will not refund any tuition or part of tuition if we are shown to be ready, willing, and able to fulfill our part of this agreement. If a student purchases the course by accident, they should not take it, and contact Rapid Traffic School to see if a refund is available.

This constitutes the entire agreement between Rapid Traffic School and the customer/student named below, and no verbal statement or promises will be recognized.