“Excellent course, you guys knocked it out of the park! I loved the little example stories that were sprinkled throughout. They really caught my interest and explained the topics in an engaging way. Never thought traffic school could be so much fun.”
Keith B.
“The cartoons and videos in this course are great! Can’t get over how entertaining it was. I was expecting traffic school to be a real drag, but it was a very easy and pleasant couple hours and I learned a lot! Thanks so much!”
Kim P.
“I had a problem with my credit card working when trying to enroll and your customer service guy got it sorted out immediately. He was very friendly and helpful. Liked the course a lot, too. Top shelf service, you’ve got a happy customer.”
Victor B.
“Not only was this course informative, but also it was really funny! I thoroughly enjoyed it, which was completely unexpected!”
Patti K.
“I had many laugh out loud moments while taking this online class. I appreciate how much effort must have gone into taking a boring subject like traffic laws and turning it into a really fun learning experience. I loved it! Will be sending my friends to Rapid Traffic School when they get traffic tickets from now on.”
Katie H.
“This course was definitely written for Wisconsinites… OMG, you made my day!”
Sasha M.
“I really appreciated all the material regarding motorcycle safety. My son wants to get a motorcycle and I’m gonna have him take this course first so he can learn how to keep himself safe while riding.”
Nelson C.
“This is kinda hard for me to admit, but I’ve been driving like a jerk ever since I was a teenager. I cut people off, don’t bother signaling, and never let other cars get ahead of me. Well, this course actually got me to look at things from the other driver’s point of view, and I can’t go back to being the same roadway jerk anymore. My wife can’t believe how much calmer and kinder I am when I’ve been driving this past week since finishing the course. I had to come back and leave a review. Thanks for the great course!”
Erik R.