All drivers of any age and experience can further their education and increase their confidence on the road. At Rapid Traffic School, our students come from all driving and learning backgrounds, and we work to provide a course that is simple to read and easy to understand. Attending a Wisconsin DOT-approved Failure to Yield-Right-of-Way course can:

Clarify your understanding of tricky laws and driving scenarios. An educated driver can incorporate new and old laws into practical scenarios on the road. We help demystify Wisconsin statutes. We also use visual aids and straightforward readings to help you navigate hazards and dangerous conditions appropriately.

Help you clear and maintain your best driving record. Investing in your driver education can have far-reaching advantages, including a spotless driving record. Our traffic school course can actually help reduce points on your driving record with the Wisconsin DMV. It can also help you maintain a good driver reputation by teaching you best practices for safety. These practices can involve careful planning and preparedness, quick, accurate reactions in sudden events, and fine-tuned awareness for all seasons. We take you through these in the course and offer further answers to all things driving and licensing in Wisconsin via our informative home page.

Help you drive well and pay less for car insurance. Educated drivers don’t just cause fewer accidents and get fewer tickets. They enjoy lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies in Wisconsin tend to acknowledge those who complete traffic safety courses, and those with fewer points on their public record with the DMV. The best way to keep your insurance rates low is to apply your new knowledge on the road, year after year. It’s up to you to foster and maintain your safest driving practice, and traffic school can be a great way to kickstart it.

Keep you from becoming a collision or crime statistic.  Every year the statistics roll in. Hundreds of Wisconsin residents are killed and tens of thousands are injured in traffic crashes annually. These damaging and tragic accidents can be prevented by reducing driver errors. Through our Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course and website, we aim to prevent these errors and reduce collisions on Wisconsin roads. In addition, Wisconsin law enforcement directs a great deal of resources toward traffic violations because so many drivers fail to follow the law. Traffic laws are not set for you to break them just to get where you need to go. A little driver education can help you bust through your old habits and avoid the high costs of tickets and collisions.

A good driver education should be accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. We continually update our course and services to stay current and educate our students for a brighter, safer future on the road. We set you up, not to just to memorize rules, but to practically apply your education and continually learn more every time you drive. Educated drivers make safer roads. Thanks for doing your research and working to be a safer driver in Wisconsin.