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Yes. Our site and Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course work on all devices.

In the state of Wisconsin, if you commit a Failure to Yield or specific Right-of-Way violation, you may be required to take an approved Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way (FYR) course.

If you were convicted for failing to yield, but caused zero harm or some bodily harm, you must complete the course within 6 months or your license privileges can be suspended for up to five years.

If your violation resulted in great bodily harm, your license will be suspended for 3 months, and cannot be reinstated until you complete the FYR course.

If your violation resulted in death to another person, your license will be suspended for 9 months, and cannot be reinstated until you complete the FYR course.

Courses can be provided in classroom through driver training schools and technical colleges. Rapid Traffic School offers a WisDOT approved course completely online. The all-inclusive fee covers the course, exam, certificate of completion, and filing of your certificate with the Wisconsin DMV.

After a conviction for a Failure to Yield violation, you will receive a notice from the DMV, requiring you to complete an FYR course to avoid license suspension, or to have your license reinstated if already suspended. You should pay all fees owed for the violation.

Yes! Your progress will be saved automatically. We suggest you log out if you want to pause and log back in when you are ready. *You may not pause and log back in if you are taking the exam portion of the course, so it’s best to only take the exam when you have the time to finish it.

This depends on you and the pace you want to go at. The required course minimum is 2 hours, but you do not have to finish it in one sitting, and may choose to take breaks. 60 minutes are allotted for the exam, but it is only 15 multiple choice questions and will likely be quicker to finish.

Yes. You should not attempt to do the course with help from anyone else or have someone else do the course for you. The goal of the FYR course is to help you learn safer driving practices, avoid future violations, and prevent collisions. If you don’t actually take the full course and pass the exam, this cannot be achieved.

The final exam contains 15 multiple choices questions. You will be given 60 minutes to complete it, and you may review your notes as you take the test.

Per WisDOT rules, you must pass the exam with an 80% or higher, meaning you will need to get at least 12/15 questions correct. If you fail the final exam, you will be allowed to take another exam, with a different 15 questions on it. We suggest you take some extra time to review the course and your notes before taking a second test. If you fail a second time, you will be redirected to the top of the FYR course and required to complete the 2 hour minimum before taking any additional exams, at no extra charge.

Once you complete the course and receive 80% or higher on the exam, we will send one copy of your completion certificate to you, and one to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as fast as we can, typically within 48 hours. You can request a rush order based on your license suspension date, but we cannot guarantee it will arrive on time if you wait until the last minute. It is best to give yourself plenty of time to complete the course and send in your certificate. 

If you start the course and/or the final exam, we cannot issue you a refund. You should make sure that you are required to attend a Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course before enrolling. If you mistakenly purchased the course, do not take it. Contact us via email or live chat ASAP for assistance in a possible refund.

You can use the Wisconsin DOT Interactive Driver License Guide to see licensing requirements and pre-fill out the application. If eligible, you may be able to submit your application and documentation electronically. You may also be required to visit a DMV office to complete your application. The fee for a new license is $35.

You will need:
Proof of U.S. citizenship, temporary resident, or lawful permanent resident status.

Proof of name and date of birth (Acceptabledocuments here).

Proof of Wisconsin Residency (Acceptabledocuments here).

Your US Social Security Number (Will be verified with the Social Security Administration).

Proof of identity (Acceptabledocuments here).

To complete the Wisconsin Driver application form (MV3001), which can befound here.

To pay a $35 fee.

To visit your local DMVCustomer Service Center to submit the required documents

Pass the requisite tests (vision, knowledge and signs, driving) if required.

Have your photo/signature taken.

If you are under 18, you must:

Be at least 16 years old.

Hold an instruction permit or license for at least six months (must have zero violations on driving record)

Complete an approved driver education course that includes in-classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

If you have a valid out-of-state license and can provide proof of residency in Wisconsin, start online with the official interactive driver license guide, which will lay out the requirements, direct you to the online application, and help you make an appointment with your local DMV. You will still have to visit a DMV office to finalize your application, have your photo taken, and take all requisite tests. *One or more tests may be waived when applying with a valid out-of-state license.

Once you submit your application with all approved documentation and pass all requisite tests, your license will be issued by mail and should arrive within 10 business days.

Yes. You will receive a renewal reminder notice 45 to 60 days before your birthday in the year your driver’s license expires. You can sign up to receive this reminder via email/text through the electronicnotification program, or receive it by mail at the last known address on your driver record.

You can upgrade to a REAL ID-compliant card when your driver’s license renews, OR apply for one in person at your local Wisconsin DMV Customer Service Center. You can fill out the application online beforehand if you wish, using the interactive licenseguide. You will need to provide:

Proof of Name and Date of Birth, and Name Change if applicable

Proof of Legal Presence in the US

Proof of Social Security Number

Proof of Address

For more information on requirements and the REAL ID process, visit: WisconsinDMV Official Government Site - Real ID (